It was 2011 when I was introduced to Sandast, a Los Angeles based leather company. At the time I was living in Fort Worth, Texas. I loved taking the kids into Fort Worth to visit the Stockyards. The kids loved watching the cattle ‘run’ down Stockyard Exchange. We could easily spend an entire day in the Stockyards wandering in and out of the cute shops. There’s just something about the quaint street that just made me feel at home.

My husband and I often went to H3 Ranch for lunch. One of my favorites is the H3 Ranch Club Sandwich* it is absolutely amazing, exactly how they cook their bacon is a complete mystery to me. Yet I could eat just the bacon for the rest of my life and be completely happy! Don’t even get me started on the tacos! Great, now my mouth is watering!

Okay, back on track… across from H3 Ranch is Maverick Fine Western Wear. Just how well do you know me? The work that goes into their handmade items blows me away, every time. Though, I do not have a Western bone in my body I can appreciate!

When I was shopping the variety of bags at Maverick I came across a leather bag by Sandast of Los Angeles. Fast forward to 2018 where I now live in Los Angeles. I connected with Chris, the owner, and he invited my husband and me to his first Wine and Whiskey Wednesday.

It was great chatting with Chris and learning more about his business and the story behind each bag. Each bag actually has a story and is named after the person who inspired Chris.

Wine & Whiskey Wednesday

Outside the Sandast Los Angeles, California.Outside the Sandast store 1205 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Christoper of Broad Street Oyster at Sandast Los AngelesLeft: Christoper of Broad Street Oyster Company. Right: Francis Briefcase.

Chris Pak of Sandast Los Angeles Leather Company coasters glass of wineLeft: Chris chatting with locals. Right: Leather coasters & a glass of wine.

Johnnie Walker Leather Briefcase made by Sandast Los AngelesLeft: Johnnie Walker glass sitting on a Sandast coaster. Right: Francis Briefcase.


*If you’re planning a trip to H3 and want to try the club sandwich please know it’s on their lunch menu only.

June 5, 2018

Sandast of Los Angeles; Wine and Whiskey Wednesday