Professional photography is an investment. And like any financial decision with your business, it takes serious consideration before making the leap.

So how do you know if your business would benefit from professional photography? High-quality images can make or break your social media presence, increase your business’ reputability and even garner more sales. If photography isn’t your strong suit, it may be time to turn to someone who has all the tools to create beautiful images that reflect your brand and style.

Ask yourself these five questions to evaluate whether a professional photographer is a smart and worthwhile decision for your business.

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1. Do you want to gain a stronger following on social media?

No matter what caption you use and what words you say, your images are what take the cake on social media. A professional photographer can help you to create a cohesive look and style. A professional photographer doesn’t just snap photos — he or she will also edit them and make sure they reflect your brand. Do you want light and airy images or bold and colorful? Once your images are in place and you’re consistently sharing great content on social media, your following will grow and your likes and engagement will increase as well.

Rings available from @BettyBelts

2. Do clients ask questions about what your products look like?

When selling a physical product, a potential buyer is going to want a clear look at the item they’re purchasing. If clients are asking you questions about the items you sell despite having images, it could be a sign that your photos aren’t up to par.

A professional photographer will make sure the lighting is perfect and can photograph products in a way that accentuates certain colors, angles or features.

@MStreetBakingCompany located in Howell, Michigan

3. Do you have the proper equipment to take your own photographs?

An iPhone might do just fine for your personal social media. However, to get professional-quality images you really need professional gear. A DSLR is the first step in the right direction. Most importantly, professional photographers have multiple lenses, flashes, reflectors and backdrops to make your photo dreams a reality.

Having the right gear is only part of the equation, but you also need to know how to use it properly. If you’re not 100 percent confident in your skills, it may be time to turn to a professional.

Jewelry available from @NaturesTwist

4. Is taking photos consuming too much of your time?

Your job is running your business — not being a photographer. If photography is stressing you out, it’s time to delegate. Don’t let your time be consumed by a chore you’re not passionate about. It’s clear in this situation, your business will benefit from a professional photographer. A professional can take the weight off your shoulders. If you’re working with the right photographer, you’ll be able to share your vision and watch it come to life through their lens.

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5. Do you feel like your images aren’t an accurate representation of your business and aesthetic?

If you’re struggling to portray your business through imagery, a professional photographer can help. Having a strong brand means that all elements of your business are cohesive. Photographs are a major piece of that branding puzzle. That can also include portraits of you and your employees, behind-the-scenes images of how your business works and more. Don’t let bad photography be the downfall of your business!

So, does your business need a professional photographer? I hope these five questions help as you consider whether or not your brand and business could benefit from professional photography. If you’re on the fence or ready to take the leap, I’d love to help guide you and answer any questions you may have! Reach out and let’s chat, I can’t wait to hear from you!

May 1, 2019

Does Your Business Need a Professional Photographer

I picked up this delicious Guava Tea Bud from Spice and Tea Merchants in Temecula, California. It was perfect for last weeks Tea for Two theme! I’ve brewed a tea bud once before and I had no idea what I was doing. I learned a lot after that first experience. Here’s hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes!

Most companies put the brewing instructions on their packaging. (If they don’t, you can google it.) Allowing green tea to brew for too long will result in a bitter taste. So follow the instructions!

This is what the tea bud looks like before it’s brewed.

Watching this bud blossom in the Blooming Tea Pot was pretty awesome! So awesome that I recorded it. I allowed the bud to brew for five minutes, as instructed on the package. Don’t worry, I sped up the video so you can see it bloom in less than one minute.

The tea bud is doing it’s thing, and check out that color. The tea looks great! But the smell… it’s divine!

Guava Tea Bud from Spice and Tea Merchants in Temecula, California

Alright! The part we’ve all been waiting for- the Guava Tea Bud has bloomed! What do you think? Does it look like you expected? It smelled really good. Not at all like I had expected. I really like fruity and herbal teas, so this one was a win for me. I actually picked up two more Guava Tea Buds after trying this one! On the package it says it’ll make ten more cups, but, there are five of us in the house and we all really liked it. This is one we’ll be going back for, for sure.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see videos before I share them via my blog and social media.

Check out my other posts if you’d like to learn more about the Tea for Two project.

January 27, 2019

Brew a Guava Tea Bud at home

What is Tea For Two about?

I am so excited that you’re interested in my project; tea for two. Over the next few months I’ll be posting a variety of tea themed photos, from product shots to lifestyle images, close ups, gifs and maybe some talking videos. The idea is reconnecting; with yourself, spouse, family, etc. For me, I’ll be reconnecting with myself and my family. 

Where did this idea come from?

My family and I spent the last five years traveling the United States. When we were on the road we connected with so many people. Often over hot chocolate, coffee or tea while hanging out at the campfire. I’ve made some of my best friends doing laundry and drinking tea! We’ve been “parked” for a year now and we’ve not been connecting. We’ve fallen into this mundane routine and I’m ready for a change. Thus “tea for two.”

What do you have planned?

As a product photographer, I’ll be setting the scene and photographing products, in a lifestyle setting, to share on social media. Currently on my calendar is Guava, Flannel, Self Care, Valentine’s Day, Book, Camping, Pi Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, 1st Day of Spring, Seaside/Beach, Cactus, Earth Day.

I am open to other ideas, most of these are inline with “national” days, like National Flannel Day on February 10th. 🙂 These are just a starting point to keep things organized and to create a cohesive look, like the photos featured in this post.

You can learn more about me here.

What items are you looking for?

Items I am looking for include but aren’t limited to; tea, tea cups or mugs/pots, tea accessories, tea towels, serving trays. I can incorporate jewelry, such as rings and long necklaces. Textile pieces like gloves, scarves, hats, placemats, and table runners. I can also use art prints, journals, notebooks, writing utensils, candles, etc.  

What do I get?

All products will be photographed alone and in a lifestyle setting. A minimum of 5 high resolution images, per product, will be yours to use as you’d like. I would love to receive credit for the photo when and where possible but it’s not necessary. 

I’d like to participate, how much does it cost?

The cost for one product is $130.

  • The cost includes five product photos per item.
  • A blog post with links to your product on your website.
  • A post on Instagram and FaceBook tagging your business.

I will not be accepting more than five artisans each week to allow space for each brand to be properly represented. 

If you’d like to chat more, I encourage you to contact me!


January 16, 2019

Project: Tea for two

It was 2011 when I was introduced to Sandast, a Los Angeles based leather company. At the time I was living in Fort Worth, Texas. I loved taking the kids into Fort Worth to visit the Stockyards. The kids loved watching the cattle ‘run’ down Stockyard Exchange. We could easily spend an entire day in the Stockyards wandering in and out of the cute shops. There’s just something about the quaint street that just made me feel at home.

My husband and I often went to H3 Ranch for lunch. One of my favorites is the H3 Ranch Club Sandwich* it is absolutely amazing, exactly how they cook their bacon is a complete mystery to me. Yet I could eat just the bacon for the rest of my life and be completely happy! Don’t even get me started on the tacos! Great, now my mouth is watering!

Okay, back on track… across from H3 Ranch is Maverick Fine Western Wear. Just how well do you know me? The work that goes into their handmade items blows me away, every time. Though, I do not have a Western bone in my body I can appreciate!

When I was shopping the variety of bags at Maverick I came across a leather bag by Sandast of Los Angeles. Fast forward to 2018 where I now live in Los Angeles. I connected with Chris, the owner, and he invited my husband and me to his first Wine and Whiskey Wednesday.

It was great chatting with Chris and learning more about his business and the story behind each bag. Each bag actually has a story and is named after the person who inspired Chris.

Wine & Whiskey Wednesday

Outside the Sandast Los Angeles, California.Outside the Sandast store 1205 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Christoper of Broad Street Oyster at Sandast Los AngelesLeft: Christoper of Broad Street Oyster Company. Right: Francis Briefcase.

Chris Pak of Sandast Los Angeles Leather Company coasters glass of wineLeft: Chris chatting with locals. Right: Leather coasters & a glass of wine.

Johnnie Walker Leather Briefcase made by Sandast Los AngelesLeft: Johnnie Walker glass sitting on a Sandast coaster. Right: Francis Briefcase.


*If you’re planning a trip to H3 and want to try the club sandwich please know it’s on their lunch menu only.

June 5, 2018

Sandast of Los Angeles; Wine and Whiskey Wednesday